Today…I Shall Light A Fall Candle

The fall candle is like my little personal olympic torch.  It holds a place of pride on my kitchen window sill, burning steadily while my favorite time of year unfolds.  September 1 is not really fall…yet.  But I’m calling it early.  Summer 2016 is in the books, the kids are back in school, and I’ve worn white for the last time.  I like summer, because it means more time with my boys, sleeping late, and road trips, but I silently tolerate shorts and tank tops.  And I think I wore a bathing suit once this summer.  And I may or may not have sprayed my white legs with some sort of “endless summer” stuff.  So.  Today….marks the first day of fall for me, simply because I want it to be.  And today….I shall light a fall candle.

My Rewards