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Return Policy

At Adams Apple Co., our approach to returns has remained straightforward and focused on unquestionable customer satisfaction. As part of our cooperative dedication and commitment to improving consumer food safety, we ask that our customers comply with the Return Policy and revisions made to this Return Policy. After delivery, our return policy is limited within specific guidelines.

Our product return policy does five things

  • Ensures quality and consistency of the product
  • Reduces product loss
  • Speeds the processing, ensuring accuracy on every request for credit
  • Ensures that product is handled in line with Food Safety Regulations
  • Controls product returns so that any inappropriate product is channeled correctly

Return policy after the delivery of product

A product or products may be refunded if returned under the following conditions:

  • Time: the user requests a refund within 14 days of purchasing the product(s)
  • Initiate request: user applies for a refund using the Contact Us form
  • Packaging: The product(s) has/have not been opened


Note: The user will get a refund only for the product(s), not the cost of shipping.



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