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Salmon Patty Dinner

I know, I know. This doesn't sound exciting. And don't think I'm going to have you add Adams Apple Butter to your salmon patties. What I want to share with you is one of our favorite quick meals in the Adams house. In addition to the can of salmon, you'll need yellow grits, cheese, and a can of pinto beans. Hint: You'll also need Adams Apple Chow Chow or Hot Chow Chow. It's a key player.

Salmon Patties Recipe:

  • 1 16oz can of salmon, drained and row of bones removed

  • 1 egg

  • 1 dozen crushed Ritz crackers

  • Vegetable oil for frying, just enough to cover bottom of pan

Ritz crackers were part of my childhood, and when left alone with them and a tub of cream cheese now, it can get pretty dangerous. They replace boring bread crumbs in this recipe, so it's just a matter of getting your hands messy and mixing it all together. Form patties and fry in vegetable oil until brown and crisp on both sides. Drain on paper towels.

In the meantime, pay attention here, open a can of pinto beans and heat. In another pan, heat 2 cups of water and a little salt to boiling and add 1/2 cup of yellow grits. Cook according to directions, and stir in shredded cheddar cheese when the grits are done.

Now for the big moment. Serve up a salmon patty, cheese grits, and pinto beans, and put a spoonful of Adams Apple Chow Chow over each of them. Best. Dinner. Ever.

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